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Who are we? What do we do? Who is our ideal customer? Why would they buy from us?
We perform in-depth market research and analyze your brand, products, competition, and customers to answer these questions.


  • Formulation of your Corporate Deck
  • As a basis for your Campaign or Marketing Strategy


This is where we strategize. By applying the outcomes of our Actional Assess service and/or in-depth campaign-specific research, we formulate an actionable single campaign or complete marketing strategy.


  • Single Targeted Campaigns
  • Complete multi-channel Marketing Strategy

ACTIONAL Accomplish

Designed for standalone campaigns, Actional Accomplish is the practical application of your Actional Activate campaign strategy. Each facet of the campaign is carefully executed for optimal results.


  • Single Targeted Campaigns


Actional 360, is your end-to-end marketing solution, combining both the Actional Assess and Actional Activate products, together with ongoing marketing support.


  • Complete Marketing Solution

how we work?

Month 1


This stage will include several meetings to learn everything that is possible about your products and target markets: SWOT, competitors, target audiences, differentiation points, messaging, KPIs and more.


Review your marketing story, focus on the ICPs, map existing and new marketing channels, formulate the budget and define what is expected versus what is doable.

Month 2

Competitors’ digital analysis presence:

A comprehensive analysis of your main competitors’ activity in digital channels

Client journey definition and marketing funnel:

A general planning of the marketing funnel with the goal of converting a visitor to a lead, a verified lead and ultimately an SQL.

Building the marketing infrastructure:

Review and update of the existing marketing messages, the website structure, building landing pages and installing support systems.

Month 3


Distribution of the content we prepared in order to bring traffic to our various channels through organic and sponsored campaigns.

Review, reporting and adjustments:

We will look at where did the visitors come from? Which activity was the most successful? What content worked and which did not?
Monthly reports will be provided as well as changes “on the go” to maximize your marketing budget.


Contact Us

our address

9 HaKama Street
Givat Ada, Israel

our telephone number

+1 (855) 9090 699